Cre­ate a Pow­er­ful and Af­firm­ing Re­la­tion­ship with Your Body

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Robert Butera, Jen­nifer Kreat­soulas, Llewellyn (NOVEM­BER) Soft­cover $17.99 (240pp) 978-0-7387-5673-8

Body Mind­ful Yoga over­comes com­mon stum­bling blocks around body im­age.

Hardly any­one, it seems, has a bal­anced re­la­tion­ship with their body—it’s all ei­ther self-loathing or in­flated self-love. This book cre­ates a path to an even-keeled, worth-af­firm­ing view of the body. The key is yoga, but in this case it’s more about mind­ful­ness than move­ment. The crux of the book is how the words peo­ple use harm self-im­age and how flip­ping the script cre­ates a beau­ti­ful re­la­tion­ship.

The book looks at the way peo­ple talk about their bod­ies and selves (such as over­apol­o­giz­ing), the moral lan­guage peo­ple ap­ply to food (what foods are good or bad to eat) and the shame it gen­er­ates, and the ag­gres­sive lan­guage of fit­ness (“no pain, no gain”), as well as lan­guage re­lated to fash­ion and so­cial sta­tus. It ex­am­ines the dam­age peo­ple do to them­selves without even re­al­iz­ing it, which will be eye-open­ing for many.

But for each detri­men­tal phrase or way of think­ing, the book of­fers an al­ter­na­tive: clear, pow­er­ful mantras and be­liefs that erode the dam­ag­ing ob­sta­cles and bring heal­ing into deep places. This shows how the change that so many peo­ple long for, but think is im­pos­si­ble, is within reach. From that place of bal­ance and love within the self, the book ven­tures into yoga poses us­ing clear, life­like sketches and suc­cinct in­struc­tion.

The four-part struc­ture of the book—“lis­ten,” “Learn,” “Love,” and “Live” —pro­vides a smooth rhythm, mov­ing from deep within to the phys­i­cal to a more out­ward fo­cus. The “Live” sec­tion is about bring­ing the ben­e­fits of mind­ful yoga to oth­ers—not in an in­struc­tional way, but liv­ing out whole­ness and af­firm­ing it in oth­ers.

Body Mind­ful Yoga brings trans­for­ma­tion from the inside out.

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