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Gwen Lawrence, Hu­man Ki­net­ics (NOVEM­BER) Soft­cover $29.95 (344pp) 978-1-4925-6306-8

Teach­ing Power Yoga for Sports puts the calm, med­i­ta­tive trans­for­ma­tion of reg­u­lar yoga prac­tice to work for high-per­for­mance ath­letes.

Con­tact sports and con­tem­pla­tive yoga seem like po­lar op­po­sites, but Gwen Lawrence shows the value of bring­ing the two to­gether— chiefly, im­proved flex­i­bil­ity and range of mo­tion that deep­ens con­di­tion­ing and pre­vents in­jury. Lawrence has worked with NFL teams, giv­ing her in­sight into just how gru­el­ing sports can be— and how pow­er­ful yoga can be to keep ath­letes fo­cused and per­form­ing at their bests.

The book’s in­struc­tor fo­cus is key to its im­pact. It’s not just for in­di­vid­ual ath­letes, but for train­ers or coaches work­ing with teams. As a re­sult, it doesn’t pre­sume knowl­edge of yoga, but nor does it start with an in­sult­ingly el­e­men­tary ap­proach: it aims to ex­pand the reper­toire of peo­ple who are masters of their craft.

The book be­gins with anatomy ba­sics and mind­ful­ness tech­niques, then ven­tures into yoga poses, in­clud­ing se­quences spe­cific to the needs of a slew of dif­fer­ent sports and even dif­fer­ent kinds of play­ers on a par­tic­u­lar sports team. In ad­di­tion to this phys­i­cal knowl­edge, the book of­fers tons of ready-made se­quences to make it easy to get started. The pose finder in­dex is a handy tool for train­ers and mo­ti­vated ath­letes alike.

The vis­ual el­e­ments of the book are im­pec­ca­ble. There are de­tailed, clear di­a­grams of anatomy and crisp, easy-to-fol­low pho­tos to il­lus­trate each move, of­ten in­clud­ing mul­ti­ple an­gles. The mod­els have dif­fer­ent body types, builds, and eth­nic back­grounds—though, as be­fits the book, they’re all ath­letic.

Teach­ing Power Yoga for Sports equips in­struc­tors to train their teams for max­i­mum per­for­mance and fit­ness.

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