C. Per­ri­cone, Boatwhis­tle Books (JULY) Soft­cover $21 (144pp), 978-1-911052-02-9

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Ah, foot­notes. Noth­ing en­dear­ing or sexy about them—un­less you’re such a geek of let­ters, lan­guage, his­tory, and re­search that you’ve de­vel­oped a fetish for their unique sup­port­ing role. But the hum­ble foot­note also knows how to strike out dy­nam­i­cally when the mo­ment is right, and that’s what makes this project a stu­pen­dous romp. The au­thor of A Sum­mer of Mon­key Po­ems more than twenty years ago, C. Per­ri­cone lives in New Jersey.

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