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Pets of the week: Meet Lily & Zoe


Lily is an all-around staff and volunteer favorite! With her big ears that fold over and a smile that melts your heart, she will quickly win you over! Lily is an easygoing dog and loves sunbathing in the yard, full-body scratches, and eating treats. She is very food motivated and takes treats in the most adorable and careful way. She enjoys car rides but needs a little help getting in. She also loves the beach, specifical­ly napping on the warm sand. Despite all of her amazing qualities, Lily has been a resident at our shelter longer than all the other dogs, at just over 1000days. When it comes to other dogs, Lily appreciate­s the company of other older, low-energy dogs she can chill with, but she is not compatible with cats. With people, you couldn’t ask for a better dog! Lily will politely approach anyone new to meet them, and she is sweet and gentle with children of all ages. Lily is still waiting for the perfect family to take her home!

Cat: Zoe (born in 2018) loves to ham it up for us, especially in the morning. This gregarious fluffy tuxedo cat is amiable, outgoing, and young to enjoy playing. She likes interactiv­e toys such as the wand toy but isn’t above chasing a well-thrown stuffed mouse or two. Zoe will also happily come to sit on your lap if you take a seat on the couch; grab a brush for her luxurious coat. She gets along well with her friends in the kitty cottage and is interested in the dogs when they walk by, so she may do okay with a cat-friendly dog after a careful introducti­on.

The Mendocino Coast Humane Society is located at 19691Summe­rs Lane, Fort Bragg. You can reach them at 707-9647729 or online at www.mendocinoh­

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