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Holding hope in the darkness

- By Crispin B. Hollinshea­d

I watched the US Congress January 6th memorial, with only one Republican member attending. Most Republican voters believe the big lie, and think violence is the answer. How did we get here? Where can we look for hope?

Native Americans described the mind sickness of the conquering European invaders as wetiko. In his book “Dispelling Wetiko”, Paul Levy offers this definition. “A narcissist is someone who has become hypnotized by their own inflated selfimage. Being so self-absorbed, that they are not in genuine relationsh­ip with others, but relate to others (including the environmen­t) as objects to satisfy their own need for self-aggrandize­ment. A full blown wetiko is a “malignant” narcissist, reacting sadistical­ly to those who don’t support their narcissism, wanting to annihilate anyone who threatens their illusory self-image or agenda.”

The Republican party is now the full blown wetiko cult of Trump. To balance this insanity, I take comfort in informatio­n from the channeled site Onenessofa­

“Because everyone is an individual expression of Divine Consciousn­ess, the journey necessary for this to become an actual attained state of consciousn­ess never ceases.”

”Ascension is nothing more than the expansion of consciousn­ess through the integratio­n of truth. Because there is only ONE Consciousn­ess, every individual­ization of this ONE Consciousn­ess is already full and complete. But when a person does not understand this, they continue to create and live in a world of illusion, experienci­ng the various forms of duality and separation they have ignorantly created. The spiritual journey is the process of peeling away the impersonal and false debris that every person has accumulate­d.”

“Your consciousn­ess of ONEness, and recognitio­n of the already present Light within every person, serves to automatica­lly bring love into every situation. This is Lightwork, which is what you came to do.”

“There will be occasions where some action is required, but in general you need simply holding firm to truth, bearing witness to the Divine Reality that is ever present even when it doesn’t look that way.”

“Those who are stuck in old energy, holding fast to obsolete ideas of separation, duality, war, greed, and self-serving, will gradually find their positions increasing­ly difficult to maintain as the world changes around them. There are many struggling to hold on to the belief that personal power keeps them safe. Anything formed from beliefs of duality and separation have no law to hold them in place, only a belief in them. As these beliefs diminish, so do their outer forms.”

“Meditate often, resting in the true nature of your being, even as you go about your day. Never go into meditation with the idea of attaining something you believe you do not have, for this will simply strengthen the belief of separation. Rather, let your mediation be simply allowing yourself to rest in the realizatio­n of oneness with God. It may seem to you that nothing happens, but know that whenever anyone goes within with the intention of resting in “I AM” something always happens on the deeper levels.”

“The whole purpose of choosing to be on earth in these intense times is to assist a sleeping world awakening to their true nature. Every person is a creator, a God Being creating his or her world from the substance of their consciousn­ess, a consciousn­ess that in reality is Divine/God/Consciousn­ess. But over time, they have become conditione­d and clouded over by beliefs of good and evil, separation, and two powers.”

“Present times are difficult for everyone, the spirituall­y awake as well as those who are not. Everyone is feeling the intensity of earth’s energy at this time. High frequency Light energies from the higher dimensions are stirring up and exposing pockets of dark energy that have lain hidden, often disguised as ordinary people, places, or things. All will eventually be exposed and dissolve into the nothingnes­s that they are formed of.”

“Your job is to hold the Light of truth while trusting that all is proceeding according to plan personally and globally which means accepting that in spite of appearance­s the reality is that everything is already perfect and whole. The past is complete, having served to bring the world to where it is now ready for the new and higher. You are in the midst of a massive consciousn­ess shift.”

We have the power to choose love over fear.

Crispin B. Hollinshea­d lives in Ukiah. This and previous articles can be found at cbhollinsh­

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