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Roderick Eugene Cameron passed away on January 10, 2022. Born on November 12, 1944, Rod was raised in Fort Bragg, California until July 2017 when he moved to Eugene, Oregon to be closer to medical facilities. He graduated from Fort Bragg High School in 1963 and began training with the Oak Glen Forestry Youth Camp to begin a future career with the US Forestry. He was proud of his country and left the US Forestry to enlist with the Army. However, his dreams were cut short due to a tragic motorcycle accident that left Rod, at the age of 20, in a coma for 3 months. He was not expected to survive but Rod was a fighter and pulled through. He was Honorably Discharged from the US Army on April 28, 1965.

After the accident Rod became a town fixture where any local will remember him walking to the Aunts in his dark brown pants, light brown shirt, funky cowboy hat and an axe strapped to his back. He loved helping them with their yard work and being rewarded with food. He also worked on many neighbors yards in the Seacrest subdivisio­n.

As a practical joker, one always had to be on their toes. He loved placing flowers in vehicles, putting rocks or tissues in shoes, eggs in pillow cases, and would never miss an opportunit­y to have someone pull his finger. He was protective of his family and was seen more than once standing up for the ones he cared about. He will also be remembered for his unique way of being a monkey and putting a smile on young kids faces. A true patriarch who will be missed.

He is survived by his Niece Krista (Sean) Cummings, Great Niece Cameron Cummings, and Great Nephews Chance Cummings and Grant Martin. He is also survived by numerous step Nieces, Nephews, and cousins. He was preceded in death by his parents Gene and Mary Cameron, his sister Alyce Cameron Pacheco, her husband Charles Pacheco, his niece Kelly Mankinen, and nephew Richard Martin. Love you Uncle Roddy.

Any donations can be made to Valley West Care Home (2300 Warren Street, Eugene, Oregon 97405) who did an amazing job the last 4 years of taking care of and bringing joy to Uncle Roddy.

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