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On the Moon


An interestin­g golf question is how much force goes into the swing? According to research, peak force can be as much as 4000 pounds when the club head strikes the ball. A 110 mile an hour swing can result in the ball accelerati­ng to 150 miles per hour in 0.0005 seconds. The average amateur golfer swings at 93.4 miles per hour, with golfers over 60 averaging 71 to 79 miles per hour. In comparison, it takes 7.2 million pounds of force to launch a rocket to the moon. So if you work on it and get your swing up to 7.2 million pounds of force, you can send your ball to the moon. If you hit your ball to the moon, you have to go up and play it. It is estimated that Tiger Woods could drive the ball 1515 yards on the moon. If you are a 200-yard driver on earth, you will get 1,230 yards on the moon.

What do you think, Brooks Sheifer? Me and you playing golf on the moon? Get us a tee time. When is the next flight? If you are an average swing-speed golfer and could hit your ball moon distance on the Little River Course, you could land your drive from the 1st tee to the fourth green. The Little River Course would become a two-hole course. After finishing on the fourth, you’d go from the fifth tee to the eighteenth green. Nice shot.

On my way to Ft. Bragg last Sunday, January 16th, I took a pit stop at the Little River Course. Danny Kerruish happened to be teeing off on number one. Danny is a prior Men’s Club Champion and can put the whack on a golf ball. Using a blade of three iron on the tee, Danny hit the ball up, up, and away. If on the moon, Danny would have been on the fourth green.

The 2022 Little River Inn Golf Course event schedule is posted on the Pro-Shop bulletin board. Coming right up around the corner on February 6th is the first of several Men’s Club Tournament events. The venue of the event will be announced. There are four Men’s Club Tournament events scheduled through June 2022.

It was reported Butch Carstadt shot below his 89 years of age last week and played 86 rounds in 2021, three rounds below his age. At the same time, Scott Dietz did the full Dietz while playing 111 rounds in 2021. As you all know, the full Dietz is walking the course from start to finish. Giving Scott 6 miles per round, he walked 666 miles in 2021. This would be the equivalent of waking to Tijuana, Mexico, or going the other way to Tumwater, Washington. One foot after the other.

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