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->Looks like Vir­ginia is en­ter­tain­ing a bill that would al­low for of­froad mil­i­tary sur­plus ve­hi­cles to be reg­is­tered as an­tique.

->Your govern­ment em­ploy­ees at work: In 2017, the Ford F-150 was the most pop­u­lar ve­hi­cle with all branches of the U.S. mil­i­tary via the United Ser­vices Au­to­mo­bile As­so­ci­a­tion buy­ing ser­vice.

->Ac­cord­ing to SEMA, a bill was in­tro­duced in Cal­i­for­nia that would do away with a re­quire­ment that $833,000 of OHV taxes and fees be trans­ferred to the state’s gen­eral fund in­stead of go­ing into the OHV fund.

->From SB 606, in­tro­duced in Mary­land: “Off-high­way Recre­ational

Ve­hi­cles–ex­cise Ti­tling Tax—off-high­way Recre­ational Ve­hi­cle Trail Fund for the pur­pose of es­tab­lish­ing…a spe­cial, non­laps­ing fund…re­quir­ing the Comptroller to trans­fer a cer­tain per­cent­age of the rev­enue from the ex­cise tax im­posed for cer­tain cer­tifi­cates of ti­tle is­sued for cer­tain off-high­way recre­ational ve­hi­cles to the Off-high­way Recre­ational Ve­hi­cle Trail Fund.”

->Mean­while, West Vir­ginia is look­ing into es­tab­lish­ing more of­froad trails.

->Will the govern­ment-man­dated 46.6 mpg by 2026 plan be scrapped for 37.7?

->Ger­many might ban diesels.

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