Cre­at­ing clear­ance for our ’17 Ta­coma’s new wheels and tires

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Cre­at­ing clear­ance for our ’17 Ta­coma’s new wheels and tires

WE HAD BIG PLANS FOR OUR ’17 TA­COMA from the start. With our sights set on some of the deeper ruts and taller boul­ders found across the coun­try, we knew the stock tires—or even 33-inch tires, for that mat­ter—wouldn’t quite suf­fice. The Ta­coma Off-road pack­age af­fords driv­ers just over 32 de­grees of ap­proach an­gle, a 21-de­gree breakover an­gle, and a 23.5-de­gree de­par­ture an­gle. Though re­spectable, it would still be dif­fi­cult to keep the truck’s un­der­car­riage from hang­ing up on the trail.

The so­lu­tion? Big­ger shoes. To bridge the gap be­tween ca­pa­bil­ity in the dirt and high­way man­ners for the daily com­mute, 35-inch Nitto Ridge Grap­plers mounted on Mamba Of­froad M19 wheels fit the bill. That de­ci­sion was sim­ple, how­ever, when com­pared to the ques­tion of how we should go about stuff­ing th­ese meats be­neath our Ta­coma. We wanted enough lift to let the tires flex over rough ter­rain with­out rub­bing, but did not want a tow­er­ing truck re­quir­ing a steplad­der to en­ter. We also needed to ad­dress clear­ance is­sues with the 35-inch tires in the stock wheel­wells.

To make sure the Ta­coma was out­fit­ted for higher-speed desert trails while still be­ing able

to stretch and flex across muddy ditches and rocks, we chose the Fox 2.5 Fac­tory coilover springs and up­per con­trol arms from To­tal Chaos Fab­ri­ca­tion for the front of the truck. Con­sid­er­ing the Ta­coma rou­tinely car­ries con­sid­er­able loads of travel gear in the bed, we chose Fox 2.0 Per­for­mance Series shocks, Deaver Spring heavy-duty leaf springs, and Fox hy­draulic bump­stops for the Ta­coma’s rear. We vis­ited Rebel Off Road in La­guna Hills, Cal­i­for­nia, for the in­stal­la­tion. Read on to see how we fit 35-inch tires be­neath the Ta­coma.

We didn’t waste any time get­ting the Nitto Ridge Grap­plers into the mud.

Lifted height with 35-inch Nitto Ridge Grap­plers. 1. With the stock wheels and tires tossed into the “sell-at-the-yard-sale” bin, we went to work re­mov­ing the stock sus­pen­sion com­po­nents. This kit did not re­quire ex­tend­ing brake lines, so we hung them...

Stock Ta­coma with 265/70R16 tires.

3 2. The first chal­lenge was re­mov­ing the stock up­per con­trol arm. The bolt was roughly a foot long and ex­tended through both ends of the arm. Re­mov­ing it re­quired us to pry apart the pinch seam to its right and ac­cess the bolt from un­der the Ta­coma’s...



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