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I saw your ar­ti­cle from 2014 on the Moroso oil pan and gas­ket. I’ll be do­ing an oil pan fairly soon on my ’00 F-250 and I was cu­ri­ous how the gas­ket has held up over time? The Moroso gas­ket looks like less has­sle than the OEM goo, but I am some­what con­cerned with re­li­a­bil­ity. I’d love to hear how it held up! Thanks for your time.


We love it when read­ers fol­low up on past projects and in­stalls! The truck is still based in north­ern Illi­nois, still sees plenty of road salt in win­ter, and is still abused daily on- and off-road as part of a fleet of ex­ca­vat­ing com­pany trucks. We’re happy to re­port that the Moroso oil pan and gas­ket are hold­ing up fine on our Power Stroke. No rust holes in the pan and no leaks at the gas­ket.

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