We put Kenda’s new rough-ter­rain tire to the test on some Ari­zona rocks

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We put Kenda’s new rough-ter­rain tire to the test on some Ari­zona rocks

ANX­IOUS TO TEST THE NEW KENDA KLEVER R/T rough-ter­rain tire, we hit the road and headed to the 2018 Over­land Expo West in Flagstaff, Ari­zona, with a set of LT285/70R17 Klever R/TS mounted on our Toy­ota Ta­coma. Our plan? Run some nearby off-road and rock­crawl­ing trails to test the per­for­mance of said tires.


De­vel­op­ing the Klever R/T didn’t hap­pen overnight. En­gi­neers spent count­less months and sleep­less nights get­ting the de­sign cor­rect. Be­fore hit­ting the mar­ket, the Klever R/T was tested in real-world ter­rain. Trails in Moab be­came the back­drop for gath­er­ing per­for­mance data. The en­gi­neers then took that data back to the of­fice to get the de­sign, tread pat­tern, and com­pound just right. De­vel­op­ment time on the Klever R/T from con­cept to com­ple­tion took just shy of three years.


Just an hour away from Flagstaff is the highly rec­om­mended Bro­ken Ar­row Trail lo­cated in Se­dona, Ari­zona. This trail is pop­u­lar for Jeep rentals and off-road tours. While only a four-mile loop, the trail has plenty of rocks to test tire trac­tion in a rock­crawl­ing sce­nario. The Klever R/T had no prob­lem mak­ing it up the rock sec­tions. The tread latched onto the rocks, never let­ting go of the ter­rain. There was no slip­page what­so­ever. This was our ex­pe­ri­ence through­out the trail, and our Ta­coma was able to crawl along with zero is­sues. Our fa­vorite part of the trail is a sec­tion known as The Stairs. This sec­tion can be de­scribed as a steep down­hill de­scent with ex­tremely slip­pery rock. Try go­ing down on foot and you will prob­a­bly end up break­ing your leg if you are not care­ful. This sec­tion is a true tire trac­tion test. Again, the Kenda Klever R/T had no is­sues. The tires hooked right up to the slip­pery rocks and our rig de­scended the ob­sta­cle with com­plete con­trol.


The tread pat­tern is ag­gres­sive enough to han­dle dirt and rocks, but there’s min­i­mal road noise. Fur­ther, the Klever R/T rides smoothly trav­el­ing 70 miles per hour down the high­way. We also no­ticed how well the tires tracked on the windy road from Flagstaff to Se­dona, and in gen­eral driv­ing the tire grips the road very well. In the dirt, the tire plowed through every­thing we threw at it. Rocky sec­tions were no prob­lem. The Klever R/T has T3 Triple Threat three-ply side­wall pro­tec­tion and this fea­ture is per­fect for air­ing down and nav­i­gat­ing trail sec­tions where jagged rocks can punc­ture a side­wall. The rub­ber com­pound on the Klever R/T proved it­self to be tough and durable.

Over­all Score

Over­all we have to give the Kenda Klever R/T high marks. The Bro­ken Ar­row Trail showed us just how tough and ca­pa­ble the Klever R/T is. The tire gave us the con­fi­dence to know that it will be ready to tackle any ter­rain we nav­i­gate through. Look for more on the Klever R/T in fu­ture is­sues of Four Wheeler.

Among the Klever R/T’S fea­tures is a strong three­ply side­wall.

<- On rock, the Klever R/T ex­hib­ited out­stand­ing per­for­mance. The tread latched on and held its grip, mak­ing our Ta­coma sure­footed as we ex­plored the Ari­zona back­coun­try.

|> The Bro­ken Ar­row Trail was a great test­bed for the Klever R/T tires, with a mix of rock and loose dirt.

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