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Just read Fir­ing Or­der in the Septem­ber 2018 is­sue and I have for sure had an easy stuck. I was 17 and took my high school girl­friend to the beach for the day in my ’90 Ford Bronco. It was white with a 5.0L and it lost drag races to mini­vans, but I was con­fi­dent in its of­froad abil­ity. When we were ready to leave I saw a mod­i­fied Jeep Wran­gler across the park­ing lot play­ing in a sandy area. I parked next to the sandy area and thought, Why not run through it on my way out? Well it turns out it was a planter of sorts and had con­crete curb sur­round­ing it. As soon as I was fully in it my front tires hit the con­crete on the other side. I im­me­di­ately started to sink. Threw it in 4-Lo and I just got deeper. Now up to the frame in sand, I got out and tried dig­ging sand out of the way. Noth­ing worked so I waved down the Jeep. I hooked up my tow­strap and the Jeep be­gan to tug but I didn’t budge. He was spin­ning all four of his 35-inch tires on as­phalt and my OJ Mo­bile wasn’t mov­ing. He went and got his friend who came over with a Dodge 2500 with a V-10. That did the trick and I was on my way with a laugh­ing girl­friend and a bruised ego. I learned two im­por­tant lessons that day: 1.) Never un­der­es­ti­mate the ter­rain and 2.) Don’t date a girl that isn’t will­ing to help you out of a sticky sit­u­a­tion.

By the way, love the mag­a­zine. I have been a sub­scriber since 1995.


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