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The Skyjacker ’18 Jeep JL 3.5-4-inch Dual Rate-long Travel sus­pen­sion sys­tems of­fer ex­cep­tional high­way ride qual­ity dur­ing the first, lighter spring rate, and al­lows for the sus­pen­sion to droop out to keep the tires in con­tact with the ground much longer while the coils re­main in the up­per coil bucket at full droop (un­like sin­gle rate or pro­gres­sive rate coils). The sec­ond rate of­fers con­sis­tent con­trol and sta­bil­ity dur­ing body roll and heavy off-road sus­pen­sion move­ment dur­ing ex­treme off-road use. Each sys­tem in­cludes unique left and right coils like OE, ad­justable high-an­gle front track bar, front and rear ex­tended sway bar end links, front and rear bump­stops, front and rear brake line ex­ten­sions, and front and rear ec­cen­tric cam bolts for proper caster ad­just­ment with cus­tom-tuned, length-fit­ted front and rear shocks to al­low for max­i­mum travel at full ar­tic­u­la­tion. Safety is im­por­tant at Skyjacker® so the new JL sys­tems have been tested and proved full com­pli­ance to fed­eral mo­tor ve­hi­cle safety stan­dards to keep you and your fam­ily safe. Avail­able for two- and four-door mod­els.

MORE INFO: Skyjacker, 318/388-0816,

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