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The new Ex­treme Coun­try mud-ter­rain tire has been de­signed with a proven tread com­pound for ex­cel­lent trac­tion, re­spon­sive han­dling, even wear, longer life, and a qui­eter ride. De­liv­ers sta­bil­ity and re­spon­sive grip on ir­reg­u­lar sur­faces. A heavy-duty car­cass en­hances side­wall strength, and wide outer tread voids and an­gled shoul­der scal­lops pro­vide bet­ter trac­tion in mud and loose soil. Of­fered in 25 pop­u­lar sizes. -Proven com­pound with ex­tra tread depth pro­vides ex­cel­lent trac­tion and long life

-Two-ply Next Gen­er­a­tion High Ten­sile (HT) Body Ply Cord en­hances side­wall strength without adding weight, rolling re­sis­tance, heat buildup, or ride harsh­ness

-Wide outer void and an­gled shoul­der scal­lops pro­vide ul­ti­mate off-road trac­tion and self-clean­ing abil­ity

-Tighter in­ner void/large sur­face area tread el­e­ments pro­vide greater con­tact area for bet­ter han­dling and a qui­eter ride

-The Ex­treme Coun­try is mud and snow (M+S) rated

MORE INFO: Dick Cepek Tires & Wheels, 800/222-9092, dick­cepek.com

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