Four Wheeler - - Feature -

From as­phalt to dirt, the Trail Coun­try EXP will help you ex­plore the roads to ad­ven­ture. Let the Trail Coun­try EXP lead you to your next camp­site or scenic route. A hy­brid de­sign be­tween a mud-ter­rain and an all-ter­rain for the best com­bi­na­tion of a smooth ride and great trac­tion.

-Sil­ica Re­in­forced Com­pound for cut & chip re­sis­tance and im­proved wet trac­tion -Large, Deep Tread El­e­ments for ex­cel­lent on/ off-road ca­pa­bil­ity and wear

-High Ten­sile Body Ply Cord en­hances side­wall strength with re­duced ride harsh­ness and weight

-45,000 Mile Lim­ited Tread Wear War­ranty

MORE INFO: Dick Cepek Tires & Wheels, 800/222-9092, dick­cepek.com

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