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Four Wheeler - - A Different Pull-osophy Feature -

With some cre­ative cut­ting, weld­ing, or chop­ping, winches can be tucked out of sight be­tween the fram­erails of most rigs. In ad­di­tion to the cus­tom bumper, this winch (blue truck, left) was mounted with its feet for­ward to elim­i­nate shear stress on the four mount­ing bolts. To achieve this po­si­tion, the winch drum was clocked 90 de­grees. Look­ing back to 2005 and our ’92 Ford F-150 named Project Fiery Red­head, we were able to mount a Warn 9.5ti us­ing a Re­unel rear bumper. Again, this re­quired clock­ing the winch drum, ex­tend­ing the clutch lever, and re­lo­cat­ing the so­le­noid, but the re­sult was a clean look and a hid­den winch. These op­tions may re­quire more hands-on work than a sim­ple winch bumper, but can also main­tain fac­tory de­par­ture an­gles and shel­ter winches from the el­e­ments.

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