Four Wheeler - - Feature -

What: The Anti-gel is straight up for use in diesels in very cold cli­mates.

Some tech: It’s for­mu­lated to im­prove com­bus­tion and lub­ing when the ther­mome­ter dips, and to help avoid cold­start is­sues.

Bonus info: It does that by pre­vent­ing fuel gelling (hence, anti-gel), crys­tal­liza­tion, and freez­ing. They said: “Win­ter for­mu­las use pour-point re­duc­ers to keep wax in sus­pen­sion and re­duce wax crys­tals to pass through fil­ters and in­jec­tors.” Price: MSRP is $10.49. How to get: Red Line, red­li­neoil.com

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