Four Wheeler - - Topless Across America Feature -

Miles on odome­ter: 5,644

Pounds of in­sects slaugh­tered: 0.36

Money spent on Craigslist parts: $40

Log­book quote: “Driv­ing through Ve­gas smells like cologne and re­gret.”

->Colorado moun­tains, even in the sum­mer, get cold. Not vis­i­ble are the ski pants and gloves work­ing in tan­dem with the Jeep’s heater to fend off frost­bite.<|By the end of Day Nine, we rolled into Idaho and hunted for a place to camp. The area was a wealth of sprawl­ing moun­tain views, cat­tle cross­ings, and end­less gravel roads. ->Draw­ing to a close, Day 10 of the ad­ven­ture turned back south through Utah, Ne­vada, and even­tu­ally back to Cal­i­for­nia. The Mo­jave Desert heat man­aged to bake over 1,000 miles’ worth of en­to­mol­ogy onto the wind­shield, re­quir­ing just short of a chisel to re­move the splat­ters. Sadly, it was time to un­load and make the Jeep once again safe to leave parked next to a curb all week.

<-|>The eighth day of the trip turned the Jeep west­ward once more. Still obey­ing the rule of “no more than 24 hours with­out dirt,” we fol­lowed these wel­com­ing signs. On sec­ond thought, those signs may have been there for a very good rea­son.

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