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QI want to learn to weld. What type of bud­get welder would you buy for things like weld­ing on leaf-spring perches or fab­ri­cat­ing ba­sic rock slid­ers? Will a sim­ple old-school stick welder work?


AYou could make a ba­sic arc (stick) welder work for these ap­pli­ca­tions. You’ll likely want to start with E6013 rods but use E7018 rods for your struc­tural weld­ing pro­jects. How­ever, I think you’ll be much hap­pier with your fin­ished pro­jects if you spend a lit­tle more up front and at least step into an en­trylevel MIG welder. Take a look at the Ho­bart (ho­bartwelders.com) Han­dler 140 or Miller (miller­welds.com) Miller­matic 141. Both of these welders can lay down weld beads on

3⁄16- to 1⁄4-inch-thick steel. Most 4x4 me­tal pro­jects won’t make use of ma­te­ri­als that are thicker than this. If you pre­fer to plan for the long term, can swing the added cost, and have ac­cess to 220V power in your shop or garage, I think you’ll be bet­ter off with an en­try-level 220V welder like the Ho­bart Han­dler 190 or the Miller Miller­matic 211. These big­ger ma­chines will have bet­ter duty cy­cles (won’t over­heat as eas­ily), and they will give you some room to grow into as your 4x4 me­tal pro­jects be­come more com­pli­cated.

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