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QWhat parts are needed to con­vert the di­rect-fit Bil­stein 5160 shocks into cus­tom valved shocks us­ing 7100 parts?


ATech­ni­cally, the Bil­stein (bil­stein.com) 5160 shocks are not at-home ser­vice­able. They are sealed shocks with high-pres­sure ni­tro­gen in­side. Im­prop­erly dis­as­sem­bling the pres­sur­ized shocks could re­sult in in­jury. How­ever, the 5160 and 7100 are very sim­i­lar, and pretty much all the in­ter­nal com­po­nents are in­ter­change­able. You can ship your 5160 shocks back to Bil­stein and the com­pany will revalve the shocks to your specs and con­vert them to be take-apart shocks us­ing 7100 rod guides and 7100 reser­voir end caps. When the shocks are re­turned to you, they can be taken apart and revalved or re­built just like any 7100 se­ries shock. All of the re­build com­po­nents from a 7100 can then be used in the 5160. The con­ver­sion could be done at home, but Bil­stein would only rec­om­mend it be done by some­one with in-depth shock knowl­edge.

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