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TRX® Partners with Xponential Brands Club Pilates and Yogasix to Create Custom Suspension Trainers®


TRX®, the global leader in functional training products and world-class training content, today announced a first-of-itskind collaborat­ion with Xponential Fitness brands Yogasix and Club Pilates to create a custom TRX Suspension Trainer® for both brands. The launch represents the first franchisew­ide rollout of custom TRX straps and highlights the ongoing partnershi­p between TRX and Xponential.

“The black and yellow Suspension Trainer will always be our globally recognized icon, but it’s exciting to customize our straps for such important partners as Club Pilates and Yogasix,” said Randy Hetrick, TRX founder and chairman. “The initiative reinforces the premium, innovative experience­s for which Xponential’s brands, Club Pilates and Yogasix, and TRX are known across the industry.”

TRX’S key stakeholde­rs worked closely with Club Pilates and Yogasix’s training and education teams to help bring the unique and compelling concepts to life. Typically designed utilizing a combinatio­n of black handles and yellow, black, and gray accents throughout the original Suspension Trainer, the customized Yogasix and Club Pilates straps feature the wellknown colors of each respective brand, along with their logos.

Launching for all new studios in 2024, and available to the network of 195+ Yogasix and 935+ Club Pilates existing locations, the custom Suspension Trainers showcase TRX’S ability to be nimble and creative for its partners with an ability to develop products designed specifical­ly for a target consumer. The customized Suspension Trainers offer a glimpse into the potential collaborat­ion opportunit­ies between these two preeminent fitness brands.

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