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In to­day’s fre­quent flyer world, high-tech travel prod­ucts are thriv­ing. Whether you’re a busi­ness per­son on your way to a client meet­ing or a par­ent trav­el­ing with a tod­dler for sum­mer va­ca­tion, there are plenty of gad­gets to suit your spe­cific needs. Most in­ter­est­ingly, the smart lug­gage mar­ket is tak­ing off like never be­fore. Not only do these in­no­va­tive com­pa­nies rec­og­nize that trav­el­ers want ease and con­ve­nience, they re­al­ize that trav­ellers want their lug­gage to com­ple­ment their high-tech lives. As al­ways, be­fore us­ing any high-tech lug­gage, check with your air­line to de­ter­mine their rules and reg­u­la­tions.

Here are five of the most unique smart lug­gage prod­ucts for any bud­get.

HEYS VAN­TAGE 21” SMART LUG­GAGE Start­ing at $150

In the lug­gage world, the term high-tech ap­plies to ev­ery­thing from ma­te­ri­als to stor­age. This Heys carry-on prod­uct has a cush­ioned front pocket that fits any lap­top up to 15.6 inches. This means no more fuss­ing at the se­cu­rity line to dig through your back­pack or brief­case to re­move your largest elec­tronic de­vice. The Van­tage, which weighs just more than eight pounds, also fea­tures 360-wheels that let it spin eas­ily, a built-in TSA lock, and 100 per­cent pure poly­car­bon­ate. Plus, the price is rea­son­able for any buyer.

AWAY: THE CARRY-ON Start­ing at $345

This seven-pound carry-on is a must for trav­el­ers who need to charge on the go. While more and more air­ports have ad­e­quate charg­ing avail­able, there are still plenty of lo­ca­tions that lack ac­cess to con­ve­nient out­lets. With The Carry-on, you can charge one de­vice at a time us­ing the USB port on top of your lug­gage. Yes, that means that your bag is a por­ta­ble charg­ing sta­tion. Aside from this func­tional fea­ture, The Carry-on is avail­able in a num­ber of col­ors, has a TSA-ap­proved lock, and is scratch re­sis­tant.

G-RO Start­ing at $449

In the world of travel crowd­fund­ing cam­paigns, G-RO wins the prize as one of the most funded projects of all time (rais­ing more than $3M). Let’s start with charg­ing sta­tions; in­stead of just one USB port, it boasts two (so you can en­er­gize your smart­phone and tablet si­mul­ta­ne­ously) and it has a power out­let to charge your lap­top. It also has a built-in tablet stand for work­ing on the go (think of it like a mini desk). Plus, its large stylish wheels en­sure that it can han­dle your fierce travel grind. It also has an ex­te­rior pocket for a lap­top and a TSA-aproved lock. How­ever, it’s the G-RO lug­gage lo­ca­tor that sets it apart; this fea­ture means that you can al­ways find your bag nearby us­ing Blue­tooth or lo­cate it any­where in the world us­ing GSM/GPRS (thanks to sen­sors track­ers).

RIMOWA ELEC­TRONIC TAG Start­ing at $1000

If you live in Europe and travel of­ten on Lufthansa, you’ll be in­ter­ested in lux­ury lug­gage maker Rimowa’s Elec­tronic Tag. Not only is this lug­gage line stylish, it’s also smart. Down­load ei­ther the iOS or An­droid app to track your Rimowa’s jour­ney. The e-tag fea­ture means that you can check your bag be­fore you ar­rive at the air­port (this is to save you time from wait­ing for a pa­per ver­sion of your bag­gage tag). Your bag­gage info will ap­pear, thanks to func­tion­al­ity in the app, on a screen on your lug­gage.

Not only does this save you time, but it saves the air­line time. Rimowa plans to roll out this elec­tronic tag lug­gage fea­ture with other air­line part­ners in the fu­ture. JETKIDS BEDBOX Start­ing at $169

Ride-on suit­cases for kids are all the rage, and they keep par­ents sane dur­ing on-the-ground air­port travel. How­ever, once in the air, many young chil­dren have a hard time get­ting com­fort­able in a seat built for an adult. Thank­fully, a for­mer air­craft en­gi­neer and air­line Cap­tain worked with his wife to find a sen­si­ble so­lu­tion. The BedBox is a ride-on carry-on for kids (up to seven years old), but once you’re cruis­ing in-flight, it turns an av­er­age seat into a mini bed (on most air­lines, this prod­uct can only be used while seated at the win­dow or on a sin­gle-aisle air­craft). In­side the com­part­ment is a tiny mat­tress that you can un­fold and rest on the slid­ing cover of the lug­gage. This means kids can stretch out their legs for a com­fort­able rest (and par­ents can catch some sleep as well!).

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