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a buf­fet line, your food choices are brought to you. My fa­vorite is the Top Blade Steak. It’s a ten­der cut mar­i­nated in a kalbi mari­nade of onions and jalapenos. It’s a sweet and sa­vory piece of steak that melts in your mouth. My other meat choice is the Soy Chicken. Like the steak, it’s also mar­i­nated in the galbi mari­nade and sweet and spicy red pep­per paste.

No. 1 Farm Burger

Farm Burger This is the premier burger to all ham­burg­ers, and it’s the only ham­burger I or­der cheese on. The grass­fed-beef burger comes with aged Ver­mont white ched­dar, caramelized onions, and Farm Burger sauce. I also like to add red onions, let­tuce, and pick­led jalepenos. Typ­i­cal of a great burger, this one can be a lit­tle messy to eat. But, it tastes so good so who cares if a lit­tle Farm Burger juices ooze onto your shirt? No one if you en­joy a good burger.

Onion Rings

Farm Burger The ham­burger is of­ten the main course for me – so good it needs no sides to ac­com­pany it or take its shine. How­ever, when my love of onions take over, I or­der a side of onion rings. These de­lec­ta­ble rings are hand-cut, panko-crusted and fried to a per­fect golden brown. To get the full ring ef­fect, I take a bite and dip the ring into the smoked pa­prika dip. De­li­cious!

Half Rack Rib Plate

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q This Mis­sis­sippi girl loves some ribs. My fa­vorite ribs are the St. Louis style ribs. A hint of hick­ory wood smoke gives these a full-body fla­vor com­plete with the Fox Bros. bar­be­cue sauce. The rib meat falls off the bones with each bite. Yes, they can be a lit­tle messy to eat, but you won’t need nap­kins be­cause you’ll be lick­ing away some of the best bar­be­cue sauce in At­lanta. Ribs aren’t com­plete un­less I’ve got a side of their creamy and cheesy mac­a­roni and wellsea­soned col­lard greens.

Em­panadas Ar­genti­nas (chicken)

Las Mar­gar­i­tas Restau­rant When­ever I need a lit­tle snack, one of my fa­vorites are the em­panadas. I pre­fer the chicken but these also come in beef. They are the per­fect hand-held meat pie filled with fa­mil­iar Latin spices. The flaky crust wraps the spicy chicken in a lit­tle pie crust of good­ness. I like to break them in half and dip them into one the verde sal­sas. Some­times I make these my din­ner by eat­ing three or four of these alone or or­der­ing the Mex­i­can Elote.

Salmon Salad

Joe’s on Ju­niper Typ­i­cally, I don’t or­der salad as my main course. But, I made an ex­cep­tion dur­ing one of my many healthy eat­ing binges. The salmon was cooked per­fectly, well-done for me, but not dry at all. It’s a sim­ply sea­soned piece of fish. It’s ac­com­pa­nied with red onions, av­o­cado, to­moa­toes, hard-boiled eggs, and bleu cheese crum­bles. All this comes on top of a mixed green salad com­plete with a bal­samic vine­gar dress­ing to top it all off. I crave this salad and make a trip to Mid­town specif­i­cally for this – yes, a salad!

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