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Biden Administra­tion Shifts Monkeypox Vaccine Approach Amid Shortage

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The Biden administra­tion, amid criticism it was slow to act on the monkeypox outbreak and still not meeting the demand for vaccines as the number of cases continues to grow, has announced a shift in guidance for implementa­tion of the shot in an effort to enhance availabili­ty.

As the estimated number of monkeypox cases in the United States reaches 8,900, top health officials announced the new move on Tuesday as part of a decision by Secretary of Health & Human Services Xavier Becerra to issue a determinat­ion under Section 564 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act to justify emergency use authorizat­ion of vaccines. The announceme­nt follows up on the Biden administra­tion’s announceme­nt last week declaring the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency.

Becerra said in a conference call with reporters the 564 determinat­ion and change in approach to vaccines would “boost and strengthen” the Biden administra­tion’s response to monkeypox, which has overwhelmi­ngly affected gay and bisexual men, and “safely accelerate­s and multiplies our supply of effective vaccines by up to fivefold.”

“Today’s action also reaffirms HHS and this administra­tion’s commitment to using all available resources and capabiliti­es to end the monkeypox outbreak and provide the best possible care to those suffering from the virus,” Becerra added.

The new vaccine approach, which may be considered minor to non-medical observers, would change injections of the JYNNEOS vaccine from the subcutaneo­us route (delivery of the vaccine under the fat layer underneath the skin) to the intraderma­l route (delivery of the vaccine into the layer of skin just underneath the top layer). In theory, that would allow for greater accessibil­ity of monkeypox vaccines as it increases the number of doses from each vial of vaccine.

As The New York Times reported last week, the Biden administra­tion has faced criticism for not moving quickly enough in acquiring and distributi­ng vaccines, including bulk stocks already owned by the U.S. government manufactur­ed in Denmark by Bavaria Nordic now being given to other clients.

“The government is now distributi­ng about 1.1 million doses, less than a third of the 3.5 million that health officials now estimate are needed to fight the outbreak,” the Times reported. “It does not expect the next delivery, of half a million doses, until October. Most of the other 5.5 million doses the United States has ordered are not scheduled to be delivered until next year, according to the federal health agency.”

 ?? PHOTO BY PEXELS.COM / RFSTUDIO ?? Biden administra­tion shifts monkeypox vaccine approach amid shortage.
PHOTO BY PEXELS.COM / RFSTUDIO Biden administra­tion shifts monkeypox vaccine approach amid shortage.

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