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- Steve Warren

Read the full reviews online at cinematogr­aphy and score of jazzy standards — many sung live — suggest early Woody Allen; and like Allen, there’s enough comedy that it may be a while before you take the story seriously. There’s certainly more than one possibilit­y for a line like, “When did you start acting like all these people we used to make fun of?” If Flaherty doesn’t have an Oscar by the time he’s 40, I’ll marry him (and I don’t think my present husband has to worry)!

Barber Shop, where trans people are especially welcome and understood and can buy clothing items otherwise available only online. While losing his own hair, Australian fetishist Richard Savvy started cutting other men’s as the Naked Barber. He also produces porn, but knows how to keep his profession­s separate. Director Broderick Fox smoothly juggles his three subjects as we find out more about each and the types they represent. I was surprised by how much I learned, when I thought I knew everything. Florida politician­s might be surprised to see what kind of “grooming” queers really do.

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