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Ehang 184 Au­tonomous Aerial Ve­hi­cle (AAV) is the safest, smartest and eco-friendly low al­ti­tude au­tonomous aerial ve­hi­cle, aim­ing on pro­vid­ing medium-short dis­tance com­mu­ni­ca­tion and trans­porta­tion so­lu­tion. The 184 AAV is de­signed with full re­dun­dancy – If one set of the power sys­tem are op­er­at­ing ab­nor­mal, the ve­hi­cle can still op­er­ate a nor­mal flight plan and en­sure the safety of the pas­sen­ger to­gether with the ve­hi­cle. The 184 was de­signed to be a 100% with green tech­nol­ogy, and is pow­ered by elec­tric­ity only. The 184 AAV is em­bed­ded with Ehang fail safe sys­tem. If any com­po­nents mal­func­tion or dis­con­nect, the air­craft will im­me­di­ately land in the near­est pos­si­ble area to en­sure safety. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is en­crypted and each AAV has its in­de­pen­dent key. Take-Off/Land­ing points are land­ing tar­gets pre­set with Ehang logo. The land­ing camera will po­si­tion the land­ing tar­gets au­to­mat­i­cally and ac­cu­rately.

Max­i­mum de­signed flight height: 11,420 ft. Crus­ing du­ra­tion above sea level: 25 min. Av­er­age cruis­ing speed: 37 mph. Price: $250,000

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