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“My name is Al­bert Lukonga and I was born in the Demo­cratic Repub­lic of the Congo dur­ing the coun­try’s po­lit­i­cal cri­sis that made life a lit­tle hard to sur­vive. My mother, (a tai­lor and de­signer), worked hard in the fash­ion in­dus­try to put food on the table for ten of us (Yes all from same father and mother). Even­tu­ally, this be­came im­pos­si­ble for my mother to take care of ev­ery­one in the fam­ily. So we de­cided to flea from Congo and ended up in a refugee camp lo­cated in Zim­babwe where we lived un­til June of 2006 when we were cho­sen for re­set­tle­ment to come to the United States. This was not just a dream come true, but it was some­thing un­ex­pected to me. Once set­tled in Lex­ing­ton, Ken­tucky, I at­tended school and play soc­cer at Henry Clay high school. This is when I met Mrs. Jones (my soc­cer mom that took care of me as her own son), she taught me a lot about the coun­try, helped me with school work, and im­proved my English. While do­ing this I was also do­ing side jobs in MLM com­pa­nies, in­sur­ance com­pa­nies, sell­ing vac­uum ma­chines door-to-door, and other sales jobs. Un­for­tu­nately the day be­fore my high school grad­u­a­tion, we lost Mrs. Jones to breast can­cer, this is when I started putting ev­ery­thing she ever taught me to work. I moved on and ended up at­tend­ing col­lege at East­ern Ken­tucky Univer­sity. Try­ing to keep up with the Jones I de­cided to ma­jor in Bi­ol­ogy and the plan was to go to med­school. But af­ter a cou­ples years at Univer­sity of Ken­tucky I de­cided to drop-out to fully pur­sue my child­hood dream (build­ing Am­bas­sadeur Co.). With all the money I had saved for school I in­vested it all into the com­pany. My brand pro­vides high-qual­ity cloth­ing to a mod­ern men who wants to take their style be­yond their means.

My com­pany (Am­bas­sadeur Co.) rep­re­sents and speak all es­sen­tials that are needed and re­quired in our 21st cen­tury to stand out, build char­ac­ter, and be con­fi­dent in what you are wear­ing. Along with this, I do not only want you to feel like all you have on is just an­other logo, but un­der­stand the story be­hind the logo it­self, how it makes you feel, and what it truly stands for. Wear­ing our el­e­gant shirts in pub­lic shows great char­ac­ter and truly rep­re­sents what it means and feels to be a gentle­men, but most im­por­tantly our logo rep­re­sents some­thing big­ger than just you and me. I de­cided to first start with shirts as my main prod­uct be­cause i wanted the com­pany to fo­cus on one prod­uct for bet­ter ex­e­cu­tion and also I just did not have the fi­nances to branch out into other prod­ucts. But Am­bas­sadeur Co. will soon be launch­ing more items for our ev­ery­day unique clients that wants to stand out and also be part of some­thing big­ger than just them­selves. For ev­ery item pur­chased by our cus­tomer we au­to­mat­i­cally donate two per­cent (2%) to a cho­sen char­ity to help feed a child in need on your be­half be­cause as the CEO and Founder of this com­pany I re­mem­ber the days I spent be­ing hun­gry in the refugee camp for 2-3 days. By giv­ing back this per­cent­age, I will be able to help oth­ers who are still in the place where I used to be in(world of hunger). I want to do some­thing for them that no one has never done for me when I was try­ing to sur­vive back then, this also gives my brand a true or­ganic ex­pe­ri­ence of how we can af­fec­tively ex­e­cute this hunger cri­sis by hear­ing di­rectly from me and the types of ex­pe­ri­ences I en­coun­tered. Fi­nally, I also know that to ex­e­cute this I will need all men to come in and join my mis­sion to dress well while mak­ing a huge im­pact in the world we live and also to built a com­mu­nity of men who wants to make a dif­fer­ence. This is why I chose to fo­cus on serv­ing my clients with great prod­ucts com­bined with a one of a kind ser­vice (rolling my own sleeves to help meet my cus­tomers needs ad wants). Now gentle­men, the time has come for you to make a dif­fer­ence and also wear some­thing that not is made with good qual­ity but has a true mean­ing be­hind it, we be­lieve that not all shirts are made the same.”

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