Who spoiled the sur­prise?

Fiona’s been plan­ning her bestie’s sur­prise party for weeks, but Lucy finds out about it! Who let the se­cret slip?

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Mom, what are those bal­loons do­ing out in plain sight?” Fiona whis­pered with con­cern. “Lucy is here vis­it­ing! She might see them and won­der what’s up!”

“Sorry, Fee,” Mrs. Poole whis­pered back. “Dad for­got what we told him this morn­ing, and he picked the bal­loons up early. I’ll go hide them now.”

Fiona left the kitchen and headed back to the liv­ing room, where she’d left her best friend, Lucy. In two days, it would be Lucy’s 11th birth­day, and Fiona had been plan­ning a spe­cial sur­prise party for her for weeks — with help from her mom and Lucy’s mom, of course. In fact, just ear­lier that day, Fiona and her fam­ily had a spe­cial meet­ing in the liv­ing room to talk about the top-se­cret party plans. The sur­prise bash was to­mor­row, just one day be­fore Lucy’s ac­tual birth­day. Fiona planned it this way so Lucy wouldn’t ex­pect a thing!

As Fiona walked back into the liv­ing room, she heard a squeaky voice cry out, “Knock, knock!”

“Crack­ers, shhh!” she called out to the par­rot,

whose cage was sit­ting in the liv­ing room. “Lucy is here to chat with me — not you!” she laughed.

Fiona had vol­un­teered to pet-sit the chatty bird for her cousin, Gar­ret, who was on va­ca­tion with his fam­ily. Some­times she for­got he was even there, but other times, the silly bird wouldn’t stop talk­ing!

“I was try­ing to tell Crack­ers a knock-knock joke be­fore, so that’s prob­a­bly why he’s say­ing that,” ex­plains Lucy. “I know Crack­ers re­peats every­thing he hears — I think it’s hi­lar­i­ous!”

“You’re crazy!” Fiona gig­gled. “Hey, did I tell you what my brother did this morn­ing? He snuck in really early and let Crack­ers loose in my room. When I woke up, he was fly­ing around my head squawk­ing!”

See­ing Fiona’s un­happy face, Lucy tried to hold in her laugh­ter, but couldn’t. “You have to ad­mit that’s funny,” she said. “You know he loves to prank you!”

“It’s true,” Justin called from up­stairs. “I really do get a kick out of it,” he laughed.

“Stop eaves­drop­ping!” Fiona yelled back. “I’m go­ing to tell Mom.”

“Chill out, Fee!” her brother re­sponded. “I was on my way to the bath­room when I heard my name.”

“What­ever,” Fiona grum­bled. Turn­ing back to her friend, she asked, “So, are you get­ting ex­cited for your birth­day, Lucy?”

“Oh yeah, the big 1-1,” Lucy smiled back. “I can’t wait to cel­e­brate!” “How do you want to spend the day?” Fee asked. “By wear­ing my fancy new birth­day dress and eat­ing lots of ice cream, of course!” Lucy grinned back. “You know that!” Pick­ing out new dresses with their moms and dig­ging into ice cream sun­daes was a birth­day tra­di­tion for the duo. They’d gone shop­ping for Lucy’s spe­cial new dress last week­end, and Fiona felt bad that she couldn’t tell her best friend to wear it to­mor­row. If she did though, Lucy would get sus­pi­cious and might find out about the sur­prise!

The buds spent the next few hours hang­ing out un­til Lucy’s mom came to pick her up.

“See you at mini golf to­mor­row,” Lucy smiled.

Lit­tle does she know that’s just a cover story, Fiona thought to her­self.

The next day, Fiona woke up feel­ing ex­cited. She hung stream­ers, blew up bal­loons and helped her mom ar­range the party food. Then, she anx­iously waited for the door bell to ring. Soon, her class­mates started show­ing up, and then one of them yelled that they saw Lucy get­ting out her car.

Fiona opened the door to greet Lucy — and gasped! “You’re wear­ing your new birth­day dress!” she ex­claimed. “Did you know about the sur­prise party I was plan­ning?” “I’m sorry, Fiona,” Lucy said with a guilty look. “Who spoiled the sur­prise?” Fiona won­dered, then she turned to her brother. “Was it you, Justin?”

Is Fiona right? Did Justin ruin the sur­prise? Try to solve the mys­tery be­fore read­ing the an­swer be­low.

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