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It’s not just the oceans that are salty! In fact, 97% of all the wa­ter on Earth is salty. Ac­cord­ing to the ex­perts at the Na­tional Oceanic and At­mo­spheric Ad­min­is­tra­tion, the world’s oceans get their salt from rocks — which con­tain small amounts of a com­pound called sodium chlo­ride (the sci­en­tific name for ta­ble salt). Ev­ery time it rains, wa­ter runs onto the rocks. Over the years, the wa­ter dis­solves bits of the rocks (this process is called ero­sion) and then car­ries these dis­solved bits down to the oceans, which makes the wa­ter salty. This process didn’t hap­pen overnight though! It took bil­lions of years of ero­sion for the oceans to get their salty taste. The process still hap­pens to­day, just at a slower rate than when the Earth first formed.

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