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When open­ing a soda, seltzer wa­ter, or another fizzy drink, bub­bles rise to the top and the drink makes a hiss­ing noise. This hap­pens thanks to a process called car­bon­a­tion. A drink be­comes car­bon­ated when a car­bon diox­ide (what you exhale) is forced into it at high pres­sures dur­ing the bot­tling process. When you open the drink, the car­bon diox­ide bursts apart from the liq­uid due to the sud­den lack of pres­sure — that’s what causes the hiss­ing noise. The car­bon diox­ide par­ti­cles then rise to the top and es­cape from your drink in the form of bub­bles, mak­ing it fizzy!

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