Meet The Fa­mous Pet

What’s life like as a celebrity pet? Game Shak­ers star Madisyn Ship­man’s chameleon, Tails, tells all!

Girls' World - - October Contents -

How did you come to live with Madisyn?

In 2014, Mad­die and her younger broth­ers picked me out at the pet store. They were so ex­cited to bring me home — they al­ways wanted a chameleon!

What do you and Mad­die have in com­mon?

We have a lot in com­mon! We’re both silly and very loyal. But Mad­die’s su­per out­go­ing, and I’m def­i­nitely more chill.

What’s your fa­vorite thing to do with Mad­die?

Sleep, LOL! We chameleons sleep 12 hours per day, and the best way to snooze is snug­gled up with Mad­die.

Where do you like to hang out at your house?

Whether we’re in L.A. while Mad­die’s film­ing, or in New York City (where we live the rest of the time), Mad­die’s bed is the best spot! It’s soft, warm and full of cozy blan­kets.

Do you and Mad­die ever go on ad­ven­tures?

Not so much! But once she brought me all over N.Y.C. when she was vis­it­ing with her friends. It was cool to see the sights!

Tell us a funny Mad­die and Tails story! One time, Mad­die thought it would be re­ally funny to take me into the bath with her. I DID NOT like it at all! I tried to get out of there right away. Of course, Mad­die thought it was hys­ter­i­cal.

Have you ever got­ten Mad­die into trouble?

Well, yes, but it wasn’t my fault —I swear! I usu­ally sleep in my habi­tat at night­time, but Mad­die can’t stand be­ing away from me, so some­times she sneaks me out and hides me in her room. Her mom gets a lit­tle mad about that when­ever she catches us, but it’s to­tally worth it — we have so much fun!

Have you ever seen Mad­die do some­thing em­bar­rass­ing?

Well, there was that time when she was clown­ing around and slipped and fell down the stairs. Luck­ily, she was to­tally fine, but her face turned so red!

If you guys cre­ated a mo­bile game to­gether like the one on Game Shak­ers, what would it be about?

Bugs! Mad­die and I would cre­ate a game to show kids how cool bugs are.

What se­cret stuff can you tell us about Mad­die?

Mad­die is ob­sessed with keep­ing her room clean — she’s al­ways for yelling at her three broth­ers mak­ing it dirty! She also dances the and sings like a goof­ball around we house, and she loves it when as a have pizza and Netflix night fam­ily! She’s a great friend, too.

“He loves be­ing with peo­ple, which is rare for a chameleon,” Mad­die tells GW.

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