Have a Fan­tasy-filled Day of Fun!

Uni­corns are al­ways hav­ing a good time — and with these awe­some ac­tiv­i­ties, you and your best friends will, too!

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Make your own uni­corn horns. Give each guest a party hat and let them dec­o­rate it with mark­ers, glit­ter and more!

Play “Rain­bow Mane Re­lay.” Split into even teams. Each team needs a print­out of a uni­corn, tape and col­or­ful stream­ers. Hang print­outs on the op­po­site side of the room. To play, the first per­son on each team races across the room to at­tach their streamer to the uni­corn’s mane and runs back as quickly as they can. Then, the next player goes and so on, un­til all of the colors have been at­tached. The first team to fin­ish wins! Pin the horn on the uni­corn: Ask a par­ent to help you draw a uni­corn face on a piece of poster board. Cut out sev­eral tri­an­gu­lar uni­corn horns — one for each of your guests. Ev­ery­one gets blind­folded and spun around be­fore their turn. Who­ever gets their horn the clos­est to the right spot wins! form

Catch the uni­corn’s tail. In this game, ev­ery­one should is a line, hold­ing hands. The per­son at the back of the line the uni­corn’s tail, and the “head” of the line leads ev­ery­one around in a circle as she chases the “tail.” Once she catches her, ev­ery­one shifts for­ward un­til you all get a turn!

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