Class­room cute nails!

Pen­cil per­fec­tion!

Girls' World - - Dear Diary! -

Start by paint­ing just your ring and poin­ter fin­gers a beige color. Move onto step two as they dry! On your thumb, mid­dle fin­ger and pinky, paint thick lines of pink, then sil­ver, then yel­low, as shown. Paint the top of your poin­ter and ring fin­gers yel­low, leav­ing a jagged edge. Then, paint a black up­side down tri­an­gle. Once dry, use the or­ange art pen to make three thin ver­ti­cal lines on the yel­low parts of all five fin­gers.

Color Club Nail Lac­quer in Al­most Fa­mous, Na­ture’s Way, What a Drag and He Loves Me, $8.50 each; Color Club Nail Art Duo Pen in Black and Neon Or­ange, $4 each, col­or­ Essie in Blanc, Av­enue Main­tain and Shop Till I Drop, $8.50 each, essie. com; thin paint­brush, craft stores

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