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Step 1

To prep, put down some news­pa­per — this project could get messy! Take off any ex­tra toi­let pa­per that may be stuck to the roll. Dip the back of the spoon into your peanut but­ter (the sin­gle packs we used are enough to cover one roll) and com­pletely cover the out­side of the toi­let pa­per roll.

Step 2

Stand the roll up in a bowl and be­gin to sprin­kle the bird seed onto the out­side of the roll. Spin the toi­let pa­per roll as you sprin­kle to make sure you cover all of the peanut but­ter. Once cov­ered, gen­tly press the seeds down to stick them in place.

Step 3

Cut about six inches of rib­bon and thread it through the toi­let pa­per roll; tie the ends to­gether at the top. Tap off any loose seeds and add more to any bare spots. Then, it’s ready to bring out­side! You’ll want to place it on a branch that’s not too close to the ground, so ask an adult to help you hang it.

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