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Piñata: There’s noth­ing more fun than play­ing piñata ... es­pe­cially when you have a dough­nut one to swing at. We found the one on the right on Ori­en­tal­trad­ for $17!

De­li­cious Ban­gles: Give each guest a bracelet. Have them coat it with a thin layer of glue and cover it in tiny beads. When it’s done, it’ll look like a sprin­kled dough­nut!

Dough­nuts On A String: Have two adults hold each end of a broom­stick so it’s hor­i­zon­tal. Tie four 14-inch strings to the broom­stick so they’re equally spread apart from each other. Tie a dough­nut to the end of each string so it hangs. Have four play­ers sit on their knees un­der each dough­nut with their hands be­hind their backs. On the count of three, see who can eat the dough­nut first.

Play-doh Dough­nuts: Have guests use dif­fer­ent col­ors of Play-doh to cre­ate the dough­nut of your dreams!

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