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Girls' World - - Creature Feature -

These six films are Girls' World ap­proved! Dol­phin Tale

In this flick, you'll fol­low the real-life jour­ney of a boy who be­friends a dol­phin named Win­ter af­ter she loses her tail and fights to sur­vive.

Dol­phin Tale 2

When Win­ter starts feel­ing blue in the sequel, you'll see how hard her aquar­ium train­ers work to find her the per­fect dol­phin bestie!

A Ring of End­less Light

If you've ever wished you had the power to com­mu­ni­cate with dol­phins, you'll want to check out this fun DCOM!

Zeus & Rox­anne

With non-stop ad­ven­ture, this film cap­tures the un­likely bond be­tween a dog and his dol­phin BFF af­ter he falls into the ocean and she saves him.


When a boy and his un­cle meet a dol­phin named Flip­per off the coast of Florida, they end up hav­ing the best sum­mer to­gether!

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