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star sug­gests See what the Nick­elodeon en­vi­ron­ment! read­ers do to help the don’t

Turn off the lights! “If you you’re out leave your lights on when save en­ergy.” of the room, you’ll help of

Ride your bike! “In­stead rid­ing in your car some­where with your fam­ily, ride bikes there in­stead — it’ll help re­duce air pol­lu­tion.” “One

Take a shorter shower! of the eas­i­est ways to save shower!” “wa­ter is to take a quick “If

Pack a lit­ter­less lunch! lunch you pack your food in a throw box, you won’t have to away so many pa­per bags!” “I

Re­fill your wa­ter bot­tle! try to fill up the same wa­ter I bot­tle af­ter it’s empty so don’t throw so many away.” big on

Re­cy­cle! “My fam­ily is year.” do­ing this. We re­cy­cle all

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