Solve It!

Did Natalie re­ally do it?

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No, it wasn’t Natalie. She and Andie did have a fight ear­lier that week, and she did stay be­hind at the pic­nic area, leav­ing her alone with the food. But, it wasn’t her. It was ac­tu­ally the deer Andie and Sofia saw at the park dur­ing their last visit. The rustling leaves noises gave it away to Sofia. Plus, Sofia knew that the deer was hun­gry — she was try­ing to eat from the trash last time they saw her. Most of all she re­mem­bered that the deer was shy — she hid from peo­ple. So the girls de­cided to hide be­hind a tree, and af­ter a few min­utes, they saw the deer make an ap­pear­ance, which proved Sofia’s the­ory.

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