Make a sweet gift for Mother’s Day!

Make a sweet photo frame to give your mom on May 14

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1 Cover your sur­face with news­pa­per. Ar­range 12 pop­si­cle sticks in a row. Then, coat the re­main­ing two sticks with glue and press them ver­ti­cally onto ei­ther side of your pop­si­cle stick row so they over­lap all 12 sticks. This will sup­port the back of the frame. Let dry. 2 Flip the frame over. Choose one paint color and paint the en­tire front of the frame. Let dry. Next, use your other paint col­ors to write a Mother’s Day mes­sage for your mom on the right side of the frame, leav­ing room on the left side for your photo. You can use Maddie’s say­ing or make up your own! 3 Once the paint has dried, it’s time to at­tach your photo. Maddie used a Po­laroid camera to take a pic of her and her mom, but if you don’t have one of those, it’s no prob­lem. You can print a wal­let-sized photo at home or have one de­vel­oped at a store. Then, glue it on the frame. 4 Lastly, glue a mag­net to the back of your frame, and let it dry. Your mom will be ex­cited to hang this gift on the fridge!

Madisyn Ship­man shows her mom lots of love!

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