Now You’re Cookin’

Spring is here! Wel­come the sun with these fes­tive snacks

Girls' World - - June Contents -


• choco­late pud­ding

• Oreo cook­ies

• brown­ies

• sour worms • • • • • fake flower hot glue gun plastic cups green spoons scis­sors


Start by break­ing up four choco­late cook­ies and two brown­ies into bite­sized pieces in a bowl. Cover the bot­tom of your plastic cups with a small layer of the mix­ture, and top it with about two spoon­fuls of pud­ding. (You can use pud­ding cups you buy at the store or whip up your own ac­cord­ing to box in­struc­tions!). Con­tinue to layer cook­ies and pud­ding un­til you get to the top of the cup. Then, place two sour worms on top. Re­peat these steps to make as many gar­den cups as you want. When fin­ished, set them in the fridge while you make the flower spoons. Next, with a par­ent or guardian’s help, heat up your glue gun. Af­ter that, care­fully cut off the flower heads from their stems and set to the side. Have a par­ent dab a dime-sized amount of glue on the top of the spoon, then press on the flower. Once they’ve com­pletely dried, plant the spoons in your flower power pud­ding cups be­fore dig­ging in!

CARE­FUL! These projects should be done with an adult.

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