Which Smurf Are You?

Ev­ery Smurf is oneof-a-kind! Find out the one you’re most like.

Girls' World - - June Contents -

1 What would you do if you were the size of a Smurf?

Hop on a dog and go for a ride as she runs around! Cre­ate an en­tire Smurf-sized city us­ing my build­ing blocks.

Sneak around and leave lit­tle sur­prise gifts for my friends.

Be­come buds with other tiny an­i­mals, like birds and bugs.

2 If Smurfs could be a color other than blue, you’d pick:

Rain­bow — how fun would rain­bow swirl Smurfs be?!

Red — it’s a bold color that they’d look awe­some in!

Pink — tiny Smurfs would look so sweet in this pretty color!

Green — I think that’d be a great choice for them!

3 If your friends gave you a new Smurf name, it’d be:

Sporty Smurf, be­cause I love play­ing all kinds of sports! Imagination Smurf, be­cause I come up with fun things to do!

Bestie Smurf, be­cause I’m a re­ally loyal and car­ing friend!

Smarty Smurf, be­cause I love learn­ing about new things!

4 What song would you sing with your Smurf friends?

Moana’s “How Far I’ll Go” Sab­rina Car­pen­ter’s “Thumbs” Niall Ho­ran’s “This Town”

Grace Van­der­waal’s “I Don’t Know My Name”

5 You’re at the movies to see Smurfs. You snack on:

Na­chos piled high with lots of gooey cheese sauce! Pop­corn with lots of melted but­ter — it’s a clas­sic!

A red or blue slushy!

My fa­vorite box of movie the­ater candy!

6 The Smurfs ask you to help find The Lost Vil­lage. You:

Say yes right away! This sounds like the best ad­ven­ture ever. Of­fer to take charge and help lead the Smurfs there!

Are a lit­tle ner­vous, but go for it any­way. It’ll be fun!

Look for a map to find the fastest way to get there!

7 The coolest part of liv­ing in Smurf Vil­lage would be:

Hav­ing a secret shield that keeps us in­vis­i­ble to out­siders. Act­ing as a big help to any of the other Smurfs in need.

Liv­ing so close to a bunch of other silly Smurfs.

Get­ting to live in a for­est sur­rounded by na­ture.

8 It’s Papa Smurf’s birth­day! What gift do you get him?

A soc­cer ball to play with Match­ing T-shirts A hand­made pic­ture frame A copy of your fa­vorite book

9 Which Smurf would you be­come BFFS with? Jokey Smurf Farmer Smurf Baker Smurf Painter Smurf 10 The Smurfs’ next ad­ven­ture should be:

To the Grand Canyon! To the White House! To Walt Dis­ney World! To the Statue of Lib­erty!

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