Meet The Fa­mous Pet

What’s life like as a celebrity pet? Best Friends When­ever stars Matthew and Ben­jamin Royer’s Minia­ture Pin­scher, Chap­pie, tells all!

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Your name is so unique! What’s the story be­hind it?

Matthew and Ben­jamin named me Chap­pie af­ter one of their idols, Char­lie Chap­lin — he was an ac­tor in the 1920s! They also have a nick­name for me: Count Cha­pula, be­cause my two front teeth make me look like a vam­pire. I have to ad­mit, it’s pretty funny!

How did you come to live with the boys?

In 2015, we met on the set of Hall­mark’s Home and Fam­ily show. We bonded right away, and a few days later, their Mom sur­prised them by adopt­ing me!

Do you have more in com­mon with Matt or Ben?

I think both! We’re all smart and silly. They don’t sleep as much as me though, and they think my food tastes gross. That’s OK — more for me. Yum!

Since you live with twins, we have to ask: Is it hard to tell them apart?

No way! I can tell them apart eas­ily by their scents and voices.

Be hon­est: Do the boys ever get mad at you? What for?

Yes, I ad­mit it. I take their socks from their bed­room, so when they go to put them on, they can’t find them. I think it’s hi­lar­i­ous, but they get up­set. Oh well!

What’s your fa­vorite thing to do at home with Matthew and Ben­jamin?

I like play­ing, of course, but I like to sit in their laps and be pet­ted, too. They also have the fluffi­est blan­ket in their room — they got it at a Best Friends When­ever party — and I love it when they use it to wrap me up like a bur­rito. It’s so snug­gly!

Speak­ing of Best Friends When­ever, have you ever vis­ited the boys on set?

Yeah, I’ve been a few times! I got to hang out in their dress­ing room. And, I played around with their co-star, Gus.

If you could time travel like they do on the show, where would you go?

Back to the day I first met the twins be­cause it was the best day ever.

What se­crets can you Ben? re­veal about Matt and I know all their se­crets! They’re al­ways they’re rush­ing through the door when they first get home — some­times I they’re think go­ing to trip over each other. Hmm, what else? Oh, their fa­vorite T.V. shows is Sur­vivor. They love the com­pe­ti­tion!

Last ques­tion! Why do you love liv­ing with the twins?

They al­ways make sure that I’m fed and com­fort­able. Plus, I never doubt that they love me. I ruff them right back!

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