Solve The Mys­tery

Andie planned the per­fect meal for her best friends, but now her food is gone. What hap­pened?

Girls' World - - June Contents -

Did you grab the blan­ket? We can’t forget that!” Andie heard her best friend, Sofia, ask as she shut her front door. “Of course I have it!” Andie said. “Our day would be ru­ined with­out it.”

The two best friends were on their way to meet their buds for a pic­nic in the nearby park. With Andie’s mom’s help, they’d packed up enough sand­wiches, chips and wa­ter for ev­ery­one and then grabbed a blan­ket be­fore head­ing to meet up with their crew.

“Re­mem­ber the last time we were at the park?” Sofia asked. “How could I pos­si­bly forget?” Andie laughed. The girls had been at the park a week ago with their moms and while they were there, they spot­ted the cutest baby deer. The deer had been mak­ing noises be­hind a bush, and orig­i­nally, Andie and Sofia had been scared, so they hid be­hind a nearby tree. Af­ter a lit­tle bit, they saw the deer pop out and head to­ward the trash bin. They told their moms about it, but they didn’t believe them. It seemed like the deer ran away when­ever they tried to spot her.

“Let’s try to set ev­ery­thing up be­fore Natalie and Fiona get here,” Andie sug­gested.

“Are you and Natalie still fight­ing?” Sofia asked, sound­ing wor­ried.

“No, she said she was bummed I got a bet­ter grade than her on that math test, and that’s why

she was be­ing a lit­tle mean,” Andie ex­plained. “She apol­o­gized and said it wouldn’t hap­pen again.”

The besties laid out their blan­ket and un­packed the food on plates for ev­ery­one. It wasn’t long be­fore their other friends showed up.

“Well, it’s about time you two showed up!” Andie joked with her friends. “We set ev­ery­thing up, but I’m not re­ally that hun­gry right now. I’m not gonna lie, I was snack­ing on some chips when I packed ev­ery­thing up. Do you want to play on the swings a lit­tle first?”

Ev­ery­one agreed — ex­cept for Natalie.“i haven’t eaten since break­fast though, and the swings are so far away,” she com­plained. “I guess I can just take a few bites and meet you guys at the swings in a minute.”

“Oh, al­right,” Andie said, hop­ing Natalie wasn’t still up­set.

“Come on, Andie, I’ll race you to the good swing,” Sofia called.

The rest of the girls ran over to the play­ground and the fun be­gan.

“I won­der where Nat is,” Fiona laughed, as the girls com­peted to see who could swing the high­est. “We can’t even see her from here.”

“Well, even if she was here, I’d still be winning this com­pe­ti­tion,” Andie bragged.

“Oh yeah?” Natalie asked, sud­denly ap­pear­ing in front of them. “Chal­lenge ac­cepted!”

The girls swung for a while be­fore tak­ing turns on the mon­key bars and the see­saw. Af­ter a bit, they all de­cided they were hun­gry. They made their way back to the pic­nic area, and that’s when Andie no­ticed some­thing ter­ri­ble: Her food was gone! Her sand­wich was miss­ing and so was her bag of chips. Natalie had half of her sand­wich left and her bag of chips was still on her plate. Ev­ery­one else’s food was still on their plates.

“How could this have hap­pened?” Andie cried. “I spent so much time mak­ing that food! Natalie, be hon­est, did you eat my sand­wich while you were over here all alone?” “I didn’t — I swear!” “But you said you were starv­ing and all you ate was half a sand­wich. Plus, maybe you’re still mad about that grade.”

“I’m not! Why would I eat your sand­wich and chips when you brought me my own? I swear on our friend­ship that all of your food was still on your plate when I left. Come …”

“Guys, could you stop fool­ing around in the bushes,” Andie in­ter­rupted. “I can barely hear Natalie over the leaves rustling.”

As soon as she said that, Sofia got an idea. “Andie, wait,” she said. “Stop ac­cus­ing Nat. I don’t think she did any­thing wrong.”

“But if it wasn’t her, who could it have been? There was no one else even over here. It had to be her.”

“Or it could have been some­one we haven’t seen in a while. Think about it.”

Is Andie right about Natalie? Or do you think Sofia is on the right track? Try to fig­ure out the mys­tery be­fore read­ing be­low.

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