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tutu trou­ble Dear Girls’ World, I want to take dance class, but my par­ents want me to join a sports team. Can I change their minds? — Fu­ture bal­le­rina

like a blast, so Dance class sounds to try it! If you for want­ing we don’t blame to do, you re­ally want dance is some­thing why to your par­ents. sit down and ex­plain why know the rea­sons Calmly let them class is so im­por­tant try­ing a dance up for want you to sign you. If they still to get in­stead, try not a sports team com­pro­mise. sug­gest a up­set. In­stead, now, join a sports team Ask if you can over camp or classes and then try dance you when fall comes, the sum­mer. Then, to about which ac­tiv­i­ties can talk again luck! school year. Good join for the new

nail biter Dear Girls’ World, I al­ways bite my nails, and I can’t stop. It’s been a bad habit of mine for a long time. How can I fi­nally stop it? — Bad habit

There are lots of ways you can try to kick your nail-bit­ing prob­lem! You can a par­ent to ask help you cut your That nails short. way, you won’t have long enough nails to bite! You can also try paint­ing your a pretty color. nails Know­ing you’ll mess cute man­i­cure up your may stop you from But if that bit­ing. doesn’t work, they also sell com­pletely harm­less, bit­ter-tast­ing pol­ish drug­stores that at may help change your An­other way habit. to stop is to set sys­tem up an award with a par­ent. Try to go one week with­out bit­ing. If you do, you all get to see a movie go — you get to pick, of course!

bike bum­mer Dear Girls’ World, I’m scared to ride a bike! All my friends know how, so I pre­tend I do, too. How can I get over my fear be­fore they find out?— Time to ride

a par­ent to spend a few To con­quer your fear, ask so you learn to ride —it’s hours one week­end help­ing help! hang of it when you have much eas­ier to get the paved a hel­met and find a flat, Grab your bike, put on Then, your drive­way, to prac­tice. area with­out traf­fic, like so ad­just your bike’s seat ask a par­ent to help you This feet to reach the ground. it’s low enough for your or worry about los­ing con­trol way, you won’t have to get just glide around as you fall­ing over. Now, you can you can on a bike, know­ing that com­fort­able bal­anc­ing if needed. Once you feel put your feet down to stop and put your feet on the ped­als com­fort­able with that, in and brak­ing. You’ll be rid­ing be­gin prac­tic­ing ped­al­ing about find­ing out, don’t worry no time! As for your friends you and help you learn! it. Any true friend will sup­port

grossed out Dear Girls’ World, I go to my friend’s house for din­ner some­times, and her mom al­ways makes broc­coli. I hate broc­coli! If I tell her that, am I be­ing rude? — Picky eater

We get to­tally get that broc­coli isn’t you’re fave, but if your friend’s mom spent time mak­ing it, you should prob­a­bly take at least a few bites. She wel­comed you into her home and spent time to make ex­tra food for you to eat, so in this case, we rec­om­mend giv­ing broc­coli an­other try!

bed­time blues Dear Girls’ World, I want to stay up later, but my dad won’t let me. He makes me go to bed at 8, and I don’t get why. Can you help me change his mind? — Not so sleepy

Hav­ing a bed­time may seem like a bum­mer, but your dad is set­ting one for your own good — we prom­ise! Doc­tors rec­om­mend that you get 10–12 hours of sleep each night in or­der to feel ready to learn new things at school, play with friends and do more through­out your day. But maybe you can strike a com­pro­mise with your dad on the week­ends. Ex­plain to him why it’s im­por­tant to you, and see if he’ll al­low you to go to bed an hour later on Fri­day and Satur­day nights!

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