burger squishy!

You’ll for­get all your prob­lems as you squeeze this cute toy!

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Cut your sponge in half. Us­ing a marker, draw three cir­cles onto the pieces. Mix red, yel­low, green and white puffy paint to cre­ate a bread color and paint the bun pieces. Once the paint is dry, add se­same seed de­tails with white puffy paint on the top bun. Mix green and red puffy paint to make brown, and then paint the patty piece. Cut out the cir­cles, care­fully trim­ming two of them into bun shapes and one into a patty shape. Re­mem­ber: The top bun is curved, and the bot­tom bun is flat!

Cut a yel­low square of of craft foam for the cheese, a red cir­cle for the toma­toes, and a green flower shape for the let­tuce. Stick all of the lay­ers to­gether us­ing dou­ble-sided tape. Cut the panty­hose into pieces big enough to cover the cir­cles. Stretch the pieces over the sponge, hid­ing the edges of the panty­hose. For a fin­ish­ing touch, draw a face on the top bun. Now give your burger squishy a nice squeeze!

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