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Be­ing ner­vous to try some­thing new is com­pletely nor­mal, just ask Skai Jack­son. The Bunk’d star tells us that grow­ing up she’s had her fair share of fears, but as she’s get­ting older she’s try­ing harder to con­quer them. Keep read­ing to find out some tips that have helped her over­come some of her big­gest fears so you can tackle yours, too!

Be­lieve in your­self!

It’s to­tally nor­mal to be scared ev­ery now and then, but Skai says one trick to over­com­ing a fear you have is to be con­fi­dent in your­self and be brave. “If I be­lieve I can do some­thing in­stead of think­ing about my fear, then I feel more con­fi­dent and am more likely to face it.”

Step out­side of your com­fort zone!

Fears can come about be­cause some­thing isn’t fa­mil­iar to you, like be­ing scared of try­ing new foods be­cause you don’t know what to ex­pect. Skai says that’s a fear she used to have all the time. “One time, my friend brought me to this res­tau­rant and there was al­li­ga­tor on the ta­ble and it looked like chicken nuggets.” She was a lit­tle afraid to take a bite of the un­fa­mil­iar food but she didn’t let that stop her. “I even­tu­ally tried it and ac­tu­ally loved it!”

Take some time!

Ac­cord­ing to Skai, fears take time to get over. Some­times they may last a few days and other times they last much longer, but that’s okay. You shouldn’t try to over­come a fear be­cause some­one else pres­sures you to — do it be­cause you feel ready. Move at your own pace. “Tak­ing baby steps will make you feel less anx­ious about it,” Skai ex­plains. “Some­times it’s all in your head.”

Don’t give up!

If you’re afraid to try some­thing be­cause you at­tempted it in the past and had a bad ex­pe­ri­ence, Skai says you shouldn’t let that get you down. “I tried play­ing bas­ket­ball one time,” Skai remembers. “I got hit badly in the face and it scared me. I just had to tell my­self to try again. That’s what I did and now I love it!”

Sur­round your­self with en­cour­ag­ing friends!

Skai says she’s thank­ful her friends are al­ways there to com­fort and en­cour­age her to face her fears. “If you have your best friend say­ing, “Maybe you should try this,” then you won’t be as afraid, es­pe­cially if your friend does it with you.” Some­times hav­ing some­one by your side is all you re­ally need.

Try tak­ing more risks!

The more risks you take, the less scared you’ll feel about try­ing new things when you get in sit­u­a­tions that make you ner­vous. In fact, like Skai, you may even start to be­come more of a risk-taker. “When I was younger, I was re­ally scared of half of the things I do now, like rid­ing roller coast­ers but I’m def­i­nitely a risk-taker now,” she tells us.

Go with your gut!

If you re­ally want to try some­thing new, don’t give your­self time to stress about it. “Some­times your head says ‘Nope, don’t do it, don’t do it.’ But a part of your body is say­ing ‘Just try it!’” Skai says. “Some­times you gotta go with your gut in­stead of your head telling you to say no.”

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