What color is your aura?

See which one matches your sign!

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An aura is a colored en­ergy that sur­rounds peo­ple, an­i­mals and things. The color that sur­rounds your body is your aura color.

SCORPIO: INDIGO This color sym­bol­izes wis­dom, which you’ve got a lot of. You can ace any­thing that comes your way!

SAGITTARIUS: TURQUOISE This shade is very calm­ing, like your at­ti­tude. You can help ease any­one’s wor­ries.

CAPRICORN: WHITE This color’s as­so­ci­ated with safety, mean­ing that you’re very pro­tec­tive of your loved ones. Aww!

AQUARIUS: BLACK Hav­ing this aura color proves you’re full of power and strength. You’re a true war­rior!

PISCES: GOLD You’ve got a heart of gold! You’re a good per­son in­side and out, mean­ing you’re loved by many.

ARIES: RED You’re one de­ter­mined girl, Aries. There’s noth­ing you can’t ac­com­plish if you set your mind to it!

TAURUS: FOR­EST GREEN This color means that you’re in touch with your sur­round­ings. You’re down to Earth, Taurus!

GEMINI: YEL­LOW Gem­i­nis are nat­u­rally happy, like this color. You can put a smile on prac­ti­cally any­one’s face in an in­stant.

CAN­CER: SIL­VER Sim­i­lar to this color, which sym­bol­izes tech­nol­ogy, you’ve got a knack for all-things STEM. Hello, ge­nius!

LEO: PINK Leos are very play­ful, just like the color pink. You have a light-hearted per­son­al­ity that peo­ple love.

VIRGO: PUR­PLE This color rep­re­sents cre­ativ­ity. That’s why you should let your imag­i­na­tion run wild — don’t hold back!

LIBRA: OR­ANGE Hav­ing an or­ange aura in­di­cates that you’re des­tined to be suc­cess­ful. We see you as a fu­ture CEO!

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