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Dear Girls’ World, My class­mates say I’m too loud. I just like to talk a lot, but some peo­ple don’t like it. Help! — Too talk­a­tive

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It’s great that you have a lot to say, and you’re one step ahead of kids who are afraid to speak up! We’re not go­ing to tell you to talk less be­cause be­ing chatty is part of your per­son­al­ity. But, think about why it would bother your class­mates: Are they try­ing to con­cen­trate on class­work? Also, are you mak­ing sure they get to talk about their opin­ions or their days? You can keep chat­ting as long as it’s not hurt­ing any­one. Just make sure you give ev­ery­one else their chance to speak, too!

When Katie’s a be­ing lit­tle too chatty, she and Alexa hash things out!

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