Bak­ing Magic

“Star­ing out the win­dow all day won’t make it stop snow­ing any faster,” Sarah’s mom said.

Girls' World - - Your Storytime - BY PASCALE DUGUAY

Sarah let out a long sigh as she re­luc­tantly turned away from watch­ing the big fat flakes that were cov­er­ing every­thing in sight. School was can­celed for the next two days at least be­cause of a huge snow­storm, and ev­ery­one was happy ex­cept for Sarah. Her friends kept call­ing to say how great it was that they could stay home and play all day. But all Sarah could think of was that she wouldn’t be see­ing her grand­mother. Nana had to put her visit on hold be­cause of the storm. She might even have to can­cel her monthly visit al­to­gether if the snow didn’t let up soon. “But what if Nana can’t come?” cried Sarah. “Then you’ll sim­ply have to wait un­til next month to see her,” said her mom as she kneaded a sec­ond batch of bread dough.

Sarah sighed again. “But mom, four weeks is a re­ally long time to wait. And we had plans. She was sup­posed to be mak­ing bread with us to­day!”

“You have to look on the bright side, honey. At least Nana is safe at home and not stuck on these slip­pery roads. And we’ll both get to eat freshly baked bread later.” Her mom beamed as she reached out with floury fin­gers to pinch Sarah’s cheeks.

“At least one of us is happy to stay home to­day,” grum­bled Sarah.

“You bet! Bak­ing al­ways makes me happy. I think there’s some­thing mag­i­cal about it. Now, why don’t you go out­side and get some

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