When Jami’s Santa hat goes miss­ing right be­fore the hol­i­day con­cert, she thinks some­one is sab­o­tag­ing her solo. But who?

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Fa la la la la, la la la la!” Jami belted out as she stood in front of her mir­ror. “Whoa there,” Jami’s fa­ther chuck­led as he stood in the open door­way of her bed­room. He was walk­ing down the hall when Jami’s boom­ing voice stopped him in his tracks. “I have to go all out, Dad!” Jami ex­plained as she fixed the mas­sive Santa hat that was start­ing to slip off her head. She looked back at her dad with a pleased grin across her face. “The hol­i­day choir con­cert is to­mor­row, and I have a big solo. I need to prac­tice like it’s the real deal!” “Well, I’m so proud of you, sweetie,” her dad beamed. He took an­other glance at Jami’s hat and added with a smirk, “It looks like you re­ally went all out with your fes­tive cap there, too.” Jami twisted back around to face the mir­ror. She had to ad­mit: The bright red, over­sized Santa hat with an ex­tra-fluffy lin­ing did look a bit ridicu­lous. “Well, the hat wasn’t ex­actly my choice,” Jami laughed as she yanked the cap off her head and tossed it onto her bed. “The choir di­rec­tor is mak­ing all of us wear these Santa hats for the show. I’m not re­ally a fan of them, but at least ev­ery­one has to wear such a goofy cap!” “That’s a good point,” her fa­ther cack­led. “You’d stick out if you didn’t have one of those hats on!” “I agree,” Jami nod­ded. “But one of my class­mates, Meg, re­ally didn’t want to wear one. She threat­ened to drop out of the con­cert!” Jami looked back at her fa­ther and shrugged. “But if I’m be­ing hon­est, I think she’s just up­set she didn’t get a solo.” “That may be true, so try not to rub it in that you’re one of the singers who scored a solo part. Put your­self in her shoes,” Jami’s fa­ther re­minded her. “Now get to bed! You have a

big day to­mor­row. And make sure you grab that Santa hat off your bed and put in your back­pack. You’re some­times distracted in the morn­ing.”

Jami play­fully rolled her eyes as she put her Santa cap in the front pocket of her book­bag. She then climbed into bed, got cozy un­der the cov­ers and bliss­fully fell fast asleep. But by the morn­ing, Jami felt any­thing but bliss­ful. “Daaaad,” Jami groaned as she made her way into the kitchen. “My throat feels a lit­tle sore!” Jami’s fa­ther looked up from his news­pa­per, star­tled by his daugh­ter’s groggy voice.

“Oh no, honey!” her dad cried. “We need to take you to the doc­tor be­fore it gets worse.”

“But the choir con­cert!” Jami grum­bled. “I can’t miss it!”

“That’s why we have to get you to the doc­tor,” Jami’s dad said as he slipped on his shoes. “We have to see what he says,” Jami’s fa­ther quickly glanced his watch. “If we leave right now, I think we’ll make it to the school in time for the show.”

Jami hur­riedly grabbed her back­pack with­out zip­ping it and darted out the door with her dad. They made it to the doc­tor’s of­fice in record time. Thank­fully, the doc­tor had just enough space in his sched­ule to squeeze Jami in.

When she got back to the exam room, Jami wasted no time ex­plain­ing what was wrong.

“Please help me,” she squeaked as she mind­lessly threw her book­bag onto a chair. “I need to sing at my choir con­cert!”

“Don’t worry,” her doc­tor smiled. “Your throat doesn’t look too bad. We’ll get you your voice back in no time.” He gave Jami some medicine, and within the hour she felt good as new, so her dad de­cided it was safe to rush her to school for the con­cert.

“Phew!” Jami ex­claimed as the car pulled up to the front of the building. “I didn’t think I’d ac­tu­ally make it.” Jami hopped out of the car as her dad’s phone rang. “Oh, that’s the doc­tor again, sweetie. I’ll see what he needs and meet you in there.”

Jami rushed back­stage and found her place with the rest of her class­mates. But when she reached into her bag to put on her Santa cap, she dis­cov­ered it was nowhere to be found!

“My hat!” Jami yelled, pan­icked. “Where is my Santa hat?!” To her right, she heard a snicker. “Meg!” Jami ex­claimed. “You stole my hat!” Meg crossed her arms. “No I didn’t,” she in­sisted. “But since you don’t have the proper uni­form, maybe I should just sing your solo ...”

“No way,” Jami snapped. “I knew you wanted my part! You to­tally stole my Santa hat. Please, give it back!”

Sud­denly, the girls heard a deep voice yell, “Jami stop!”

“Dad?” Jami gasped, con­fused at the sight of her dad run­ning back­stage.

He bolted up to her, pant­ing. “I know what hap­pened to your hat!”

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